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New flags are not immediately visible in version history
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Author: pbirken

If you flag a version, the flag dows not become visible in the version history immediately, but only after a few minutes. This does not seem to be the case for automatically flagged versions, only if you flag manually.

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This is a general problem, and revisiondelete has it too. Histories tell the client to use the cache as long as it is after the last edit timestamp. Since revision deletions and taggings don't change that, it doesn't tell the client cache to clear.

It might be nice to make a sort of generalized cache timestamp table for this stuff.

Er, isn't that was page_touched is for?

(In reply to comment #2)

Er, isn't that was page_touched is for?

Not at all :)

That is for cache-related reasons. It could be changed many times without the history actually changing (like pressing a purge tab), so the history relies only on the last revision timestamp.

The last revision timestamp is insufficient to serve as a cache invalidation timestamp for history view -- revisions older than the latest may be deleted, undeleted, or imported.

These events would (or *should*!) update page_touched, however.

OK, so then this bug is now a matter of changing how it works (use page_touched). Shouldn't be that difficult then.