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Occasionally, visual mode opens instead of wikitext mode
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One editor reports that sometimes, it switches from the new wikitext mode into the visual mode.

Reported by @MotokoCK, who is using Chrome on macOS Sierra 10.12 at He primarily edits at the Korean Wikipedia, which uses the Single Edit Tab.

See contributions here:특수:기여/Motoko_C._K. There's no indication that this user has ever switched into visual mode (no "switched" tags), but sometimes the visual mode is opening anway.

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I've had this occur when I use the "embedded" edit link at my user page. May be un-related. Fx 50+ on both Windows 7 and 10.

Usually mine will switch to visual editing mode after an attempt to edit a section for a second time (after a first successful edit using NWE). I left a comment regarding this behavior at T155632#3103792 after Jdf got that bug closed.

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