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[suggestion] NWE should allow shortcuts like Alt+Shift+P for preview etc.
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Hi all,
I have a suggestion for new wikitext editor. I think it should react to shortcuts like Alt+Shift+P for preview (for example by showing preview dialog) as the OWE did. Please implement this feature.

Thanks in advance,
Martin Urbanec

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We have a shortcut in the old wikitext editor (Alt+Shift+P used to work for me) but no shortcut work in the new editor. Maybe this is a duplicity of tasks you mentioned?

We do have a shortcut. It *should* be the same as the shortcut in the old editor, but the logic for accesskeys is a big pile of platform and browser version checks, so I can't guarantee that's actually true.

If you open the help dialog you'll see the shortcut, labeled "show preview":

pasted_file (614×610 px, 63 KB)

Since this ticket was filed, I fixed some of the accesskey logic in 3580929e36e99973a6cde9afa2ebae9c087f7ce6. However, since you mention alt+shift I can narrow you down to non-mac Firefox/Chrome, so I don't think that'll affect you.

If you're still not seeing it work, could you reply with your browser/platform and what the help dialog says the shortcut should be?

I don't use Mac but I was using Alt+Shift. I'll test it in half an hour, I'm at mobile phone.

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Ping on this – if you're running into this problem still we want to fix it. :-)

A possible cause is that the preview shortcut does not work until you make some changes to the text.

Thank you for notification. It works now, sorry for long wait for my test. Closing this as resolved then. Thank you for fixing!