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Update interwiki map, following edit
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Following the unfreeze of deployments, would someone please add to the agenda to

  • update interwiki map


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What "unfreeze of deployments"? What requires an update of the interwiki map? More information would allow judging urgency and priority.
Also see - thanks!

When standard deployments resume in January, just need to update the interwiki file from meta. Nothing urgent, just link updates. Usually this is a request in #wikimedia-operations, and I was asked to poke here, no issue with that at this time of year.

Krenair subscribed.

yeah, these are routine. someone will do it when deployments resume, likely dereckson. that extension is slightly unhelpfully named, it's tag is not needed here

If there is a preferred/better means to request these updates then please let me know and we can put that information to administrators at Meta.

@Dereckson, @Krenair, @hashar, could we look to do this soon so we can fix T154920? Thanks if you can.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-01-12T02:46:30Z] <demon@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: T154225 (duration: 00m 38s)

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