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VisualEditor insert shows Wikimedia Commons files instead of only showing local wiki files
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When trying to insert a file using VisualEditor -> Insert -> Media on search all files including Wikimedia Commons appear. The user that got this error says that before only the local-wiki files appeared during the search. Maybe a solution would be to add a checkbox to include Wikimedia Commons files or not?

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The functionality is intentionally to show all images available to that wiki's users. We don't want to compromise the design by adding lots of further options like "only local files" without going to whole-hog with T157086: Give me an easy way to filter media/images for type, size, and the other cool things that CirrusSearch can do and similar tickets. For the task you link, I think you're more interested in T62398: Show a user's recent uploads in the MW insert media dialog (MediaSearchWidget) (though that's not got a design we like yet, sadly).