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rack/setup/install/track new ms-fe1005-1008
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New swift front ends were leased on parent task T149867 and arrived @ eqiad on 2016-12-16.

Please add to racktables with asset tags and then do the following:

  • - establish with @fgiunchedi how the redundancy on these require racking (how spread out do these need to be?)
  • - setup mgmt dns (asset tag and hostname) and production dns (hostname)
  • - rack/setup/test bios/drac
  • - update install_server module
  • - network port update
  • - install os
  • - accept/sign puppet/salt
  • - hand off to @fgiunchedi for service impelmentation

Event Timeline

re: racking me and @Cmjohnson chatted about it and concluded 1 in A5, 1 in C8 and two in row D (D2 + D7) once the row is fully online (10G required). We can proceed with row A+C now and wait post-switch migration for row D.