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Make LocalisationUpdate run daily again on Wikimedia wikis
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SimmeD asked today how frequently translations are updated on Wikimedia wikis. Someone said that LocalisationUpdate is currently disabled, but I don't see a bug report, so I'm creating this one.

Our translators got used to a good service and they expect translations to flow on a daily basis. Otherwise all sorts of bad things happen, on which don't get me started. (Just a couple recent examples: one wiki had the logo and sidebar link a non-existing page instead of the main page for several days; some admins start customising messages locally, which add to long-term maintenance costs.)

I see there are some open reports such as T133913: Completely port l10nupdate to scap, but perfect is the enemy of good; restoring normal functionality doesn't need to be blocked on plans for possible future improvements.

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The latest mention I see in is on 2016-12-22:

22:11 thcipriani: disable l10nupdate cron for deployment freeze

This is quite counterintuitive: LocalisationUpdate is all the more needed when there are no code updates. Are there other issues?

I see there was some talk on the matter at but no announcement.

Right, it was disabled for the end of year code freeze. The change:

With the revert ready to go on Jan 3rd:

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Not a high priority, this was planned.

Not a high priority, this was planned.

As far as I can see: it was suggested by one person, not properly announced or even discussed whether it actually makes sense (how often has it actually broken anything against the issues Nemo_bis wrote above?).

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This was re-enabled yesterday as planned.