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Inconsistent presentation of wikilinks
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Wikitext like [[Q3388166]] normally produces a simple link like Q3388166, but I have stubled upon an exception: When comparing two old revisions (i.e. neither of them is current) of a page, such links are rendered as Pietro Perna (Q3388166). That's weird.

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Still inconsistent in MW version 1.30.0-wmf.6 (rMW85da774930a7).

Yes, this is definitely a bug, probably hidden somewhere in the file LinkBeginHookHandler.php. However, I have to set this to low priority for now because the impact is really low.

Likely explanation: We do want to show the item ID in diffs between items or between properties. There you might have a change like "capital: Berlin" to "capital:Berlin" and it is hard to understand the change. When adding the ID to this diff you see that the item that was linked to changed and that they both have the same label.