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Show true message source in Special:Allmessages&ot=php / xml
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Constants, like {{SITENAME}}, most functions, like {{plural|...}}, some transclusions, and all templates are expanded, and html comments removed, before


output is generated. Rather than including these expanded, users would usually expect to receive a souce format truly suited for further processing, i.e. with unaltered original message texts.

While there may be uses for the current behaviour, likely more often one rather wants not to have it.

I suggest to:

  • in any case provide php code which can be copied to a server and used without loss of information, i.e. all of the above unexpanded.
  • maybe add an option "expand constants, functions, transclusions, templates, remove html comments" (or have them checkboxed individually, whatever);

best to all of the php, html, and xml output formats.

  • I for one would not mind having standardized comments included in the php output, as are in the output of the rebuildLanguage.php maintenance script.
  • if that can be easily had, I'd suggest to allow a selection of source file order, and alphabetic order, at least for the php, preferrably everywhere.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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Looks to me like transforms should be disabled for all message loads on Special:Allmessages, no matter which output mode is being used.

Fixed message transform in r32700.
(I don't close this bug because of the other requests.)

Going ahead and resolving as FIXED. I'm a bit leery of the extra suggestions up top.

Just for the records:
These were meant as suggestions or ideas, better to be passed to a programmer than being lost.
Had I meant them as requests or requirements, I would have choosen diffferent wording, or opened an extra bug for them.