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Split wheels repo into Prod/WMFLabs branches and maintain independence
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  • Create branches
  • Update deploy configs to use appropriate branch

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Also, I pushed a wmflabs branch to the wheels repo

Nevermind. I abandoned that because it was a patchset against master. I'm trying and failing to submit a patchset against wmflabs

I've had a few conversations in #wikimedia-dev. It seems that no one is quite sure why this doesn't work.

OK. So git is magic. I've created in the short-term so that I can work on getting a deployment to happen. If we make changes here, we can always merge back into the gerrit repo with git magic.

Halfak updated the task description. (Show Details)

Changes deployed successfully to staging


Let's wait for T151970: Implement new precision-based test stats for editquality models before we do a deploy.