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Bigbrother doesn't restart wikilinkbot
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I go-maintain wikilinkbot, which has been setup by Sumurai8 and is an irc-bot for #wikipedia-nl. For a while, bigbrother doesn't seem to restart the tool anymore. The last restart has been november 15 accoording to the log, and I had to resubmit the job now for a couple of times after a crash.

Is there something wrong with bigbrother?

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What we aren't sure of at this point is if bigbrother is even reading the .bigbrotherrc file or not. It's possible that the failures are related to T88122: bigbrother only watches users jobs if they already have a job running

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After T163265 & T183171, has this been fixed for you?

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@Akoopal is this still an issue for you?

It looks to be working again, sorry I didn't respond before.

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