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categoriespagetext should use {{PLURAL:}} for "Categor(y/ies)"
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New message 'categoriespagetext' should use {{PLURAL:}} so as to form the word "Category", or "Categories", and thus needs a parameter $1 passing the category count, too.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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Actually, I think 'categoriespagetext' should talk about the Special page, not the categories it is listing, just like Special:NewImages ("This special page shows the last uploaded files" talks about the special page), etc.

For that reason, I suggest we change it to such:

'This special page lists categories that contain pages or media.'

This way, no PLURAL would be needed.

The text should mention subcategories:
'This special page lists categories that contain pages, categories, or media.'

As I understood it, 'categoriespage-summary' would be the message for such a general blurb on the special page, as it is elsewhere. 'categoriespagetext' would have to be specific on the data actually presented. Maybe it's of little importance in english, but for some languages, it is at least odd, to preceede an empty list, or a list of one, with a text using the plural of "categories". It would be better to write "(no/a/) categor(ies/y/ies)", or else use a wording like "...categories, if any, that ..." which might happen to exist in all lanugages, I don't know.