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As the long term test of the addition of the Wikipedia / Wikimedia app links to the portal page is winding down and all signs are showing that the addition of the links have been successfully aiding in the discovery (for our visitors) that there are Wikipedia mobile apps, we'd like to go ahead and make it a permanent part of the portal page.

Based on the test that was detailed here (T137495) and test results detailed here (T146807), let's go ahead and add the clicks to all the app links to our Portal Dashboard Engagement section:

Let's break up the desktop vs mobile clicks into individual lines and also separate out the iOS, Android and list of apps page clicks to easily display which type of device and which app link was clicked on.

We can also have a total number (can be a checkbox that is clicked to activate) that displays total clickthroughs for any and all click on the app links.

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I posted this question at T138877#2922421 before realizing that there are many Maniphest tasks about portal concerns in the same number range, so I'll ask again here, in a vaguely more centralized spot.

Have the various concerns raised at been addressed?

Hi @MZMcBride, yes, I believe that all the concerns have been addressed in the various tickets that were opened as a subtask of the epic ticket T135441 and in the comments on the talk page.

Please let me know if something hasn't been answered to satisfaction.

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Change 325870 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Migrate to Reportupdater framework

Change 336350 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Point to new datasets & add new metrics

Change 336350 merged by Bearloga:
Point to new datasets & add new metrics

Interesting! :) Can the clicks and date numbers be a lighter color to more easily see them? Thanks!

@debt: the dark axes is a known bug that we can't reproduce / don't know what causes it :\ if you click on a different dashboard and then go back to the sister projects one, it should be white

Change 325870 merged by Bearloga:
[wikimedia/discovery/golden] Migrate to Reportupdater framework