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Delete @MarcoAurelio-Bot
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To quote @mmodell:

[19:24] We have a mechanism for doing mass edits without generating noise but we haven't come up with proper policies about using it appropriately so it is currently not being used afaik

To quote MediaWiki Phabricator/Bots:

A personal user account is not appropriate for repetitive patterns of activity.

So I find myself in a bit of a problem. Because indeed tracking bugs migration originates a lot of repetitive patterns of activity, but Phabricator bots ain't allowed to log-in via UI. And even so, while there's a system to avoid noise, it is not used to avoid abuse of it (understandably).
@MarcoAurelio-Bot as it exist now is useless for me, so I request to @mmodell to delete it as it's not linked to LDAP/OAuth.

As the account has no activity nor links elsewhere, it can be deleted instead of simply disabled. There's a link (/people/delete/9102/) in the user page to delete the account.

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(Followup to T153191)

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