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Request creation of wikidata-federation labs project
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Project Name: wikidata-federation
Purpose: Testing area for work on accessing/linking to data stored on "foreign" repositories (federation). Idea is to have several test instances, and testing the new federation functionalities of the Wikibase extension.
Wikitech Username of requestor: WMDE-leszek

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Can you be more specific about several instances and what size instances those are meant to be? Our default quota allowance may not be enough depending.

So basic setup would be two instances (standard m1.medium size should be just fine). For more advanced testing we might want to add 2-3 more instances. But I believe the standard quota (it is 8 instances, 8 cores, 16 GB RAM, right?) would be sufficient.

WMDE-leszek triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 5 2017, 3:28 PM

@chasemp Would you be able to estimate when the new project could be created? Just so that I know how to plan my work in next days. Thanks!

@WMDE-leszek sure, yeah with dev summit and such our normal schedule has been thrown off. I'm +1'ing this. @Andrew what do you think?

This sounds good to me; I'll create it shortly.

Andrew claimed this task.

@WMDE-leszek, this project now exists. You can add additional members and project admins as you see fit.