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Allow users to reset their password
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Login screen with "Forgot your password?" linkReset password form (causes user to be emailed reset instructions)Set new password form (shown when user logs in with temp password they were emailed)

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Testing prerequisites:

  • Need a user account which has an email address associated with it. This is because password reset instructions are sent to the email address associated with the account.

Testing steps:

  • Start app and go to "Explore"
  • Tap gear icon in upper left of screen
  • Tap "Log in" (log out first if already logged in)
  • Tap "Forgot your password?"
  • Enter the user name (or email address associated with an account)
  • Tap "Reset"
  • Should see an alert saying and email has been sent with password reset instructions.
  • Check email for the email address associated with the account
  • This email will contain a temporary password
  • Log in to the app with that temporary password
  • You should then be presented with a password changing interface
  • Enter a new password (and retype it)
  • Now log in to the app with the new password

Tap for animation of steps:

@cmadeo should we just skip the "needs design review" column for now given that we have follow-up design changes coming? Same for ?

Testing on iPhone 7 (iOS 10.2) and Wikipedia 5.4.0 (1076). Everything works as expected, I was able to change my password to my user (one screencap below presented to show this) so this is fixed.