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Link to alternative account creation methods
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Because the captcha interface we use is not accessible, we should link to the alternative account creation site.

Account creation screen. Tapping on the "Request an account" opens the "Wikipedia: Request an account" page.Wikipedia: Request an account" page:

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Testing steps:

  • Start app and go to "Explore"
  • Tap gear icon in upper left of screen
  • Tap "Log in" (log out first if already logged in)
  • Tap "Don't have an account? Join Wikipedia."
  • Enter username such as "acct_creation_test_800" (if that account already exists use a different number such as "acct_creation_test_850")
  • Enter password such as "test123"
  • Enter password confimation (i.e. "test123")
  • Tap "Next" button
  • CAPTCHA interface should now appear
  • Tap "Request an account."
  • You should see the "Wikipedia:Request an account" page load in the browser.

Tap for animation of testing steps: