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Flow board (or maybe just a topic) for discussion about each OAuth consumer proposal
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Many consumer proposals require discussion. It's a pain to have to go track a user down in order to talk to them about their consumer proposal.

So, maybe we can have a flow board (or post) automatically created for each consumer proposal. That way, keeping track of current and past conversations will be easier.

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Ideally each consumer should be presented as a wiki page, not a bunch of (poorly cross-linked) special pages with separate entries for each version. That presents a number of technical difficulties (and would be a big task even apart of those); the related discussion is in T109156: Investigate converting OAuth to use ContentHandler. Maybe as an incremental step, we could add a "description page" record to each consumer record, which points to some meta page (and maybe add those pages automatically to the consumer owners' watchlists). That seems pretty simple.

As for using Flow specifically, most application owners so far seem to be experienced editors so I am not sure how much it would improve usability. (Of course that could be caused by our application proposal workflow being so hard to use that everyone except experienced editors are deterred...)