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Accept and explain publish API errors
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After this topic about spamblacklist and this about titleblacklist on Talk:CX

Sometimes when user try to publish the translated article, blacklists disallow it. So CX print hard coded errors like ⧼titleblacklist-forbidden-apostrophes⧽ and/or {"spamblacklist":"","result":"Failure"}", or Error: Bad title without other explanation (ie. |).

CX should print readable error and if it is possible explain what is the problem, and ask to change the title / suppress the problematic link.


List :

  • invalidtitle : {"error\":{"code":"invalidtitle","info":"Bad title \"tttt'rzzr|rerr(st\".","*":"..."}
  • spamblacklist : {"spamblacklist":"","result":"Failure"}"
  • message that is not registered : ⧼titleblacklist-forbidden-apostrophes⧽

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The interesting part of js code is here

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Content Translation treats some API publish errors specifically, like:

  • spamblacklist
  • abusefilter
  • invalidtitle
  • badtoken
  • assertuserfailed
  • titleblacklist-forbidden
  • readonly