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Investigate varnishd child crashes when multiple nodes get depooled/pooled concurrently
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The issues described in T154780 have been caused by varnishd crashes triggered by multiple concurrent node depools/repools in codfw. The crashes need to be investigated further. See for a crash log sample.

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Recording this while I remember it:

  1. The VSLP director code panics if there are no backends defined for a director at VCL reload time.
  2. Backend caches at all sites have director definitions for eqiad and/or codfw backends.
  3. Therefore, if conftool is used to depool all backends for a cluster at either eqiad or codfw, all global varnish backends for that cluster will crash.

Should we do something here? The same crash can exist at remote DCs as well (the frontends would crash if all local backends are depooled). Clearly there should be a depool_threshold sort of behavior here for backend depooling, but I'm not sure which layer we should inject it at. Perhaps confctl? Perhaps the confd VCL go template (/shudder)?

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