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Release 5.3.4 1046
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Release version: 5.3.4 1046
Release tag: releases/5.3.4
Release SHA1: aec1537a8458444fa5914b962306333a7a92fe51
App Store Submission Date: 01/06/2016
App Store Approval Date: 01/07/2016
App Store Release Date: 01/09/2016
Regression Testing URL:

  • Update contributors list
  • Update "Licenses" section (e.g. new libraries, fonts, images, etc.)
  • Submit Beta on iTunes Connect for external testing review
  • Submit RC on iTunes Connect for App Store review with automatic release disabled.
  • Distribute RC to External testers
  • Distribute RC to TSG
  • Post to mobile-l when Beta is approved for external testing
  • Update "What’s New" on iTunes Connect
  • Perform upgrade smoke tests from current App Store version to new "Wikipedia Mobile" release candidate
  • Review Regression testing report, triage bugs, and identify any blockers
  • Verify Crash report received in HockeyApp
  • Release to App Store (NOT on a Friday!)
  • Update central mobile release history once released
  • Point current status at this card
  • Update version number in feedback email link
  • Update HockeyApp console to mark build as released once released
  • Post on mobile-l