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Three bugs confirmed in SVG rendering of svg text elements - font sizing given in % or em is not being converted to px, and text underline fails
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Compare the thumbnail and the full image (un-thumbnailed) of:

The actual SVG file is hand-checked and tested in several browsers; it's normal and should be fine.

I don't know if this is the same as any other SVG render bugs and many of them are old, so I'm giving it a new bug ref for now.

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Although the browser renders the SVG file correctly, its inclusion _whether full size or thumbnailed_ on a wiki page is broken as above. wrote:

Tested further. Its not related to being a "large SVG" either. has half the linear dimensions, 380 x 615. Identical error.

Eh? Correctly? What are these "several browsers"... In Firefox 2, I get this:

And even in Inkscape I get this:

So, while the issue isn't black blocks. The SVG clearly is not normal.
I would chalk this up to differences in SVG rendering engines. Cause not all SVG engines render a SVG the same. A SVG file should at least be correct before any rendering issue be considered a 'bug'.

Besides, MediaWiki doesn't even render SVG files, it offloads that to a separate svg program which is set in configuration, so to fix a svg 'bug', you'd have to fix every engine which it breaks in, which is something MediaWiki has no control over, because svg rendering engines are created by other projects not connected with MW. wrote:

Screenshot - opera 9 + IE6

Attached: wrote:

The SVG renders correctly in Opera, and Internet Explorer. Those are the two I have to hand. See above screenshot. (And note the slight differences in blurring of fonts, otherwise the two render them identically.)

I also hand-checked the xml within it a second time and it's as best I can tell, standards compliant. I don't have firefox so I can't test on that, but both of those two it renders fine. wrote:

Screenshot of the same images as rendered by mediawiki

Attached: wrote:

And above, as these display within mediawiki pages. wrote:


According to a graphics specialist:

"The problem was that in some places the font size was being scaled to 120% of the original size, but ImageMagick (MediaWiki's rendering engine) was interpreting this as a literal 120 point (I think) - the black boxes were actually letters. I've fixed that, and partially fixed the problem with the overlayed text when it's rendered with Gecko, e.g. in Firefox; the problem there was that it wasn't recognising the 'dy="1.4em"' in the tspan elements, but a simple change of units to pixels fixed that. There are still some strange things going on with Gecko, but I'm not sure what to do with those." wrote:

So we have two apparent bugs identified in rendering SVG's:

  • Font sizing via percentage is broken somehow: sizing of the form font-size = "120%" is being rendered as "120px"
  • Line separation in SVG text elements of the form dy='1.4em' is broken somehow. wrote:


Looking at the svg the issue seems to be that alternative size scales are not being correctly converted to pixels in svg rendering.

Thus 120% of a 14px fontsize is rendered as 120px rather than 16.8px (=14px x 120%), whereas if the font-size=120% is replaced by font-size=16.8px it's fine. Likewise dy=2em fails whereas its equivalent dy=28px (=14px x 2) succeeds.

Failure to render underlined text is a separate issue.

brion added a comment.Mar 24 2008, 8:09 PM

Please list bugs individually; there's no way we can reasonably track three or more different things on one bug entry.

Please also check for duplicates; there are plenty of SVG-related issues filed already.

Please also note that we use rsvg, not ImageMagick, as the rendering backend. wrote:

Thanks Brion! Bugs opened:

Bug 13494 - font size and conversion to px.
Bug 13495 - underline not rendering properly.

I checked for duplicates. 40+ bugs are open mentioning SVG, but I can't find clear reference to these in them.

I guess this one can now be closed if all's ok?

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