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Special pages: Allow using templates / adding interwiki links
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This is a followup to T14519: Template parameters ignored during transclusion in special pages.

Using templates with parameters seems to work in many messages in many special pages now.

In some cases it fails, however, or does not work as intended. There is a template in kshwiki, the Wikipedia of Ripuarian languages, Template:Navvi_Wikkipedijas_All, which is being used so as to add interlanguage links to special pages. It is mostly inserted into the MediaWiki:*-summary messages of most special pages; but occasionally in another message, when a -summary message does not exist. (Btw., it would imho preferrable to have a separate MediaWiki:*-something-message for the template/interlanguage link stuff. Squeezing different things into one text is always a bad idea. Having to make a copy of a message text, which is local to the wiki, while the text itself does not need to be different from the standard text at all, ruling out all corrections and enhancements made to the message by developers, appears not productive to me.)

For some special pages, a way has still to be found, to incorporate interlanguage links, or make template inclusions work, or make template parameters work, respectively. Here is a list of pages in the MediaWiki name space which I have tried, and the corresponging special pages not showing interlanguage links:

  • MediaWiki:Allpages-summary
    • Special:Allpages
  • MediaWiki:Booksources-summary
    • Special:Booksources
  • MediaWiki:Sitematrix-summary
    • Special:Sitematrix
  • MediaWiki:Crossnamespacelinks-summary
    • Spezial:CrossNamespaceLinks
  • MediaWiki:Expand templates intro
  • MediaWiki:Expand templates-summary
  • MediaWiki:ExpandTemplates-summary
    • Special:ExpandTemplates
  • MediaWiki:Cite-summary
    • Special:Cite
  • MediaWiki:Logout-summary
  • MediaWiki:Logouttext
    • Special:Logout
  • MediaWiki:ParserDiffTest-summary
  • MediaWiki:Parserdifftest-summary
    • Spezial:ParserDiffTest
  • MediaWiki:Renameuser-summary
    • Spezial:Renameuser
  • MediaWiki:Deletedcontributions-summary
    • Spezial:Deletedcontributions

I have not investigated in depth, why the template generated interlanguage links do not render. Thus actual reasons may vary. Certainly interlange links are not honored in each type of message from the MediaWiki name space when used inside a special page; although they always show when you look at the respective message on its page in the MediaWiki name spage.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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brion added a comment.Mar 24 2008, 8:14 PM

AFAIK interlanguage links are not available on *any* Special: page.

Can you show one where it is?

Here it is working now as intended:

but not here (Updated list):

There was no point in making these work:

brion added a comment.Jan 7 2009, 6:05 PM

Bumping for bug day -- check which may still be borked.

Moving to special pages, not really i18n related.

Rather than templates this looks more like a request for all special pages to have implicit language links for every language link in the table.

(In reply to comment #5)

Rather than templates this looks more like a request for all special pages to
have implicit language links for every language link in the table.


TTO closed this task as Invalid.Jan 6 2016, 12:57 PM
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I did a quick check of core, and all special page summary messages appeared to accept wikitext. Without specific, up-to-date detail of which messages need amendment, I have to close this.

He7d3r updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 6 2016, 3:19 PM
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See T15489#173358 above.

The problem was not messages not accepting wikitext. Even if they did, they did not render interwikilinks.

The problem seems fixed for many instances meanwhile but a cursory scan yielded at least a dozen candidates which likely were not.

Purodha reopened this task as Open.Jan 7 2016, 2:38 PM
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TTO added a comment.Jan 7 2016, 2:40 PM

Fair enough, but if you would like anyone to do anything, you'll have to provide a few specific examples.

Yes, but that requires some labor which I expect to take time if done thoroughly.

I prefer the solution offered in T123063 for the final goal though, which does not require lots of local message text amendments.

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