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Articles for deletion included in Google search results
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Reported in OTRS:;TicketID=9741176

With T67760: site.editpage may have Parameter 'md5', our robots.txt should disallow search engines to index subpages of the articles for deletion. However, recently it seems, that the pages are indexed as:

The robots.txt entry just disallows subpages with a slash (/) not with the urlencoded form.

See (example):

pasted_file (1×1 px, 188 KB)

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Thanks for the report, Florian.

There's some discussion about this going on here:

Given that robots.txt has typically been in the control of the local communities, I don't think there's anything for Discovery to do here.

Florian added a subscriber: Legoktm.

Oh damn, I was't aware of this feature :P Ok, as @Legoktm is already involved in the discussion and is working on a solution with the community, I think we shouldn't need a second place to discuss this. That's why I mark this as invalid :)