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"Special:Contributions" without a user name doesn't work in MobileFrontend
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Go to . Observed:

No such page

Cannot look at history for a page that doesn't exist. It may have been deleted or you may have followed a bad link.

With a username ( ) it works as expected.

I'd expect it not to fail completely, but to ask me for a username.

There's also a bit of an RTL angle here, because the same page in the Hebrew Wikipedia shows a translated error message, but without RTL direction set: (but this might be a separate issue with how error pages work).

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Confirming both issues exist in Persian (fa). I am afraid the latter has to do with error messages not being handled correctly for RTL languages. The entire HTML of the error message page in Persian looks like below; as you can see, no styles, classes, or dir attributes exist anywhere. And there are not enough <meta> tags and such (not enough to define what language the page is in, etc).

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>چنین صفحه‌ای وجود ندارد</title></head><body><h1>چنین صفحه‌ای وجود ندارد</h1><p>نمی‌توان به تاریخچهٔ صفحه‌ای که وجود ندارد نگاه کرد. ممکن است پاک شده باشد یا شما یک پیوند بد را دنبال کرده باشید.</p></body></html>

@Amire80 perhaps we should break the latter into a separate task, whereby we ask for the error pages in mobile front-end to have a dir and lang attribute for their <html> tag, and have the right <meta charset...> tag as well?

Probably, it's just that that page's HTML is SO generic that it's hard to know where does it come from.

Huji added a comment.Jan 11 2017, 1:18 PM

Is it though? I think it uses MediaWiki:Mobile-frontend-history-404-desc and there shouldn't be many places where that message is referenced in the code.