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Have a way to learn to patrol recent changes efficiently
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A common critique against new patrollers is that they don't know how to patrol and cause damages.

During the Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017), @Racso has suggested to create a game to learn how to patrol recent changes. A user who wants to became a patroller can then be tested on diffs that have already been resolved and take action with the support of ORES predictions and/or the advice of experienced users about these cases.
After some cases, and if answers are correct, some real cases are injected in the game. the user doesn't know which cases are real. At the end, the user know how to patrol with efficiency and has also started to work.

That system can:

  • help people to be more confident
  • influence new patrollers to be kind
  • give a way to discover the new RC filters
  • avoid the "act as a cow boy" effect (shoot first, ask for questions afterwards)

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Racso added a comment.Mar 25 2017, 8:43 PM

I've requested a Wikimedia Project Grant for developing this project: If you're interested, please review the grant request and leave a comment in the talk page.

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