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Support translation of localizable strings in data .tab pages through the Translate extension
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Wikimedia Commons now supports localizable strings for Charts, and they can also be used for other purposes.

Example: , which uses .

The strings are stored in a JSON-like file, which is different from MediaWiki's usual JSON format. All the languages are in the same file, and each message key has translation according to language codes. See for an example.

It would be nice to support this in Translate as an FFS.


  • Fuzzying when English changes.
  • Validation (probably the same as MediaWiki)
  • Discoverability in the message group selector

Event Timeline

This hack seems to have a limited future, so I suspect this task will eventually be declined.

@Nemo_bis, what alternative to template translation are you suggesting?

For the future I have no crystal ball; currently we have

Given that there are many on-wiki things we'd like to translate, it's good if at least the newly created ones follow some sort of standard format that can then be supported with a reliably content handler and format support.