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Detect "wrong keyboard" queries for Hebrew/American keyboards on EN/HE Wikipedias
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Similar to Russian (T138958), this looks like a useful feature for Hebrew, after consulting with @Matanya. Once we get Russian working it should be straightforward to implement a similar feature for Hebrew, too.

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@TJones: Is this about CirrusSearch or which codebase is this about?

@Aklapper , thanks for the reminder. I'll add project info.

Related to this, @Amire80 was able to update the Hebrew DWIM gadget for me so it would work (or work again, I think) on the search box on the Special:Search page, so we effectively have wrong-keyboard detection for the completion suggester in the upper corner, and in the main search input on the search page.

Bummer. The DWIM edit works, in that it generates wrong-keyboard suggestions in the main search box on Special:Search, but it interacts improperly with OOUI and creates two sets of suggestions, so it needs to be undone.