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migrate international WLM jury mailing list to a better address
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the current mailing list is still connected to the EU competition of 2011 - name of the list and its address should be changed to reflect the current status.

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Thinking about it, it would probably be good to just include this on the WMF mailman? What can/should we transfer? It would be nice for historical purposes to transfer the archives, or store them somewhere at least.

This open task is tagged with Wiki-Loves-Monuments 2019 which was a year ago. If this task was/is resolved, then please update the task status. If this task was not resolved but is still valid, then please update the project tags to either general Wiki-Loves-Monuments, or to the Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2020) project tag if you plan to actively work on this task in the year 2020. Thanks a lot!

Boldly removing WLM 2019 and setting Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2020). (Feel free to remove or correct.)

This open task is tagged with WLM 2020, which was last year. Please either set the status of this task to resolved/declined, or add an active project tag so it can be found when looking at an active (not: 2020) project - thanks a lot!

@Aklapper I'm sure this will be equally relevant in a month or so (this is the kind of thing that lingers too long), but technically speaking, we're still in the aftermath of WLM2020 :). We usually transition in March/April.

@Effeietsanders Ah, sorry! I wasn't aware. Okay, I hope someone will request a WLM2021 project milestone in Phab at some point then. :)

@Effeietsanders: what is needed to move this topic forward? Or is this handled and can I close the phabricator task?

@Ciell We need to rename the list (or archive it), and possibly move it from wmnl to the mail server. It would be nice if we can carry over the archives to the new list, but not sure if that's feasible.

Ciell triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 4 2022, 4:56 PM

Answer by Amir: it is not possible to migrate the archives from the WMNL server to the WMF server.

He proposes to request a new mailing list on the WMF server through Phabricator and if wanted, he can assist us to export the current member list and mass subscribe the members to the new list. I do not now if that is needed though, since there is a new jury every year?

For the archives, we can request with WMNL to zip-file the old archives for us, and store them somewhere where they will stay accessible for WLM-i team member.s.

Requested WMNL to send me a .zip archive of the former list, before shutting down the list.

.zip with historic jury deliberations is with Effeietsanders and Ciell.