Exception when trying to get info for anonymous user
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Author: matthew.britton



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<error code="internal_api_error_MWException" info="Exception Caught: Database::makeList: empty input">

#0 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/Database.php(1237): Database->makeList(Array, 1)
#1 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiQueryBase.php(131): Database->select(Array, Array, Array, 'ApiQueryUsers::...', Array)
#2 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiQueryUsers.php(93): ApiQueryBase->select('ApiQueryUsers::...')
#3 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiQueryUsers.php(55): ApiQueryUsers->getOtherUsersInfo(Array)
#4 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiQuery.php(210): ApiQueryUsers->execute()
#5 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiMain.php(356): ApiQuery->execute()
#6 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiMain.php(224): ApiMain->executeAction()
#7 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/includes/api/ApiMain.php(209): ApiMain->executeActionWithErrorHandling()
#8 /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/api.php(77): ApiMain->execute()
#9 /usr/local/apache/common-local/live-1.5/api.php(3): require('/usr/local/apac...')
#10 {main}


for any anonymous user.

It would be nice to be able to retrieve information (edit count in particular) for anonymous users through the API. If this is not possible, it should fail a little more gracefully.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 13460 ***
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matthew.britton wrote:

Reopening. Bug 13460 is listed as fixed in r32279, and indeed trying the example URL on that bug does not return an error. I get this right now on Wikimedia sites with r32394.

Catrope added a comment.Via ConduitMar 26 2008, 6:09 PM

Different bug, same error message. Fixed in r32476

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