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Improve handling of nonexistent pages.
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If I go to a non-existent page in the Android, it says “an unknown error occurred: 404”. It’s quite far from being user-friendly. It should say instead something like “This article doesn’t exist yet. Start writing it!” with a link to an edit form, probably also some reference to the deletion (and rename) logs if there is any.
Link previews also can’t handle 404s—if the linked article doesn’t exist, it just stays loading forever. I don’t know what it should do, but certainly not this.

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This is not only about red links in articles, the user can come from anywhere: for example, the app is registered as the handler of * links, which means if I tap on a link in my email app about a deleted page, I’ll get this “unknown error” even after fixing T119266, and I can’t continue to the web browser to see the deletion log.

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