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PictureGame admin panel: Pressing delete or reinstate should ask for confirmation before performing the action
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After clicking one of these, it'll automatically do whatever action you pressed. They're quite close and thus, easy to accidentally click one of them. Deleting is also a destructive action and reinstating say, an inappropriate-submitted picture game isn't wanted, so it should ask for the person to confirm and acknowledge what kind of action they're performing before it's actually performed.


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Filip claimed this task.Jan 16 2017, 9:01 PM
Filip added a comment.Jan 19 2017, 7:03 PM

@SamanthaNguyen: Only T155324 needs review, and will implement this code here.

I'll try to review the patch later today, I currently don't have access to my laptop right now

@FilipGCI - have access now but only for a little bit since I'm busy :) Check out out my comments on the patch

Filip added a comment.EditedJan 20 2017, 5:41 PM

@SamanthaNguyen : T155324 is resolved - will implement this here now.

Change 333283 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filip):
Added confirmation dialogs to 'Un-flag' and 'Delete' actions in admin panel

Change 333283 merged by jenkins-bot:
Added confirmation dialogs to 'Un-flag' and 'Delete' actions in admin panel

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