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Discover TemplateData at Vienna Hackathon
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Subtask of T127354, dedicated to Vienna's hackathon.

If accepted, that session/table would be for non-developers interested by templates.

  • how to deal with TemplateData
  • how to help their wiki to have more VE-friendly templates.

I can host that workshop.

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If accepted

Note that the hackathon doesn't have any selection process. If you want to do it, you just do it.

I've copied that from Wikimania's Hackathon proposal, but my point was more about having time do to that task. Plus, I don't know yet if some non-developers will be welcome.

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Please add your task to the Wikimedia-Hackathon-2017 workboard

Trizek-WMF closed this task as Declined.Mar 1 2017, 2:47 PM

That task may not fit with the Vienna hackathon audience. I prefer to decline it and keep it for Wikimania's hackathon. Feel free to repoen if you think it can be done anyway.