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Make it easier for newcomers to contribute to the MediaWiki project
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Emerged from an unconference session (T149564) lead by @Aklapper at the developer summit and its further mention at the technical collaboration offsite's 'annual plans' meeting.

Ideas could be taken from here:

Some of the actions items for this task would be to have a well-maintained shorter, curated list specifically designed for newcomers, with each task assigned to a mentor, and improving the documentation!

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Some ideas from @Rfarrand shared via email:

"One way I thought of that I might be able to help you in that is to help you make videos that are either exciting for or interesting to newcomers. I run tech talks and that basically means someone already involved in our technical community give a talk on something. These videos are live streamed and then the go on youtube and stay forever. Some of the videos get thousands of views over time.
So basically, if you ever get an idea of some information that is not easily accessible to new people at the moment we can pretty easily find a speaker and do one of these talks. "

Help me understand: What is "the MediaWiki project" in this context (as terms such as MediaWiki core or MediaWiki extensions also exist)?
I'm also asking because "make it easier" is hard to measure / agree on calling 'completed'.

This task isn't valid at this point. Related tasks will emerge as subtasks of the following T164084 in coming months