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ocg1001.eqiad.wmnet ipmi error
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Please schedule downtime for ocg1001.eqiad.wmnet. When attempting to query its IPMI (which has been enabled by @Volans), it still returns:

robh@ocg1001:~$ sudo ipmi-chassis --get-chassis-status
ipmi_cmd_get_chassis_status: internal system error

Please schedule downtime, and then fully remove power to attempt to clear any bad state in the DRAC/iLOM. Once power is restored, confirm IPMI is enabled, and attempt to run the above command. If it still doesn't work, please attempt to update the firmware and reattempt.

Detail and if unsuccessful, please assign back to me. If successful, simply resolve.


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Please note DRAC is responsive, but I didn't test its power capabilities since it would change the power state of the system.

While this server was down I did confirm that ipmi is enabled. reset racadm.

@Dzahn can you check this once it's reinstalled

idrac reset...I am now able to login via IPMI

cmjohnson@ocg1001:~$ sudo ipmi-chassis --get-chassis-status
System Power : on
Power overload : false
Interlock : inactive
Power fault : false
Power control fault : false
Power restore policy : Restore
Last Power Event : unknown
Chassis intrusion : inactive
Front panel lockout : inactive
Drive Fault : false
Cooling/fan fault : false
Chassis Identify state : off
Power off button : enabled
Reset button : enabled
Diagnostic Interrupt button : disabled
Standby button : enabled
Power off button disable : allowed
Reset button disable : unallowed
Diagnostic interrupt button disable : allowed
Standby button disable : unallowed