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Replace Article::doEditContent() with WikiPage::doEditContent()
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Article::doEditContent() is just a thin wrapper for WikiPage::doEditContent()

It'd be nice to remove this wrapper. The various usages in extensions below need updating, marking as deprecated, and then removing in the near future

Found usages  (17 usages found)
    Method call  (17 usages found)
        MediaWiki  (17 usages found)
            extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/GroupManager  (1 usage found)
                GroupManager.class.php  (1 usage found)
                    GroupManager  (1 usage found)
                        checkI18N  (1 usage found)
                            142$oArticle->doEditContent( ContentHandler::makeContent( $sGroup, $oTitle ), '', EDIT_NEW );
            extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/WantedArticle  (1 usage found)
                WantedArticle.class.php  (1 usage found)
                    WantedArticle  (1 usage found)
                        saveTitleListToTitle  (1 usage found)
                            491return $oArticle->doEditContent(
            extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/maintenance  (4 usages found)
                massedit.php  (1 usage found)
                    202$success = $article->doEditContent(
                relocalizeWiki.php  (1 usage found)
                    RelocalizeWiki  (1 usage found)
                        relocalizeWiki  (1 usage found)
                RenameCategories.php  (2 usages found)
                    280$success = $article->doEditContent(
                    364$savestat = $newarticle->doEditContent(
            extensions/LiquidThreads/classes  (2 usages found)
                Thread.php  (1 usage found)
                    Thread  (1 usage found)
                        leaveTrace  (1 usage found)
                Threads.php  (1 usage found)
                    Threads  (1 usage found)
                        createTalkpageIfNeeded  (1 usage found)
            extensions/LiquidThreads/import  (1 usage found)
                import-parsed-discussions.php  (1 usage found)
                    createPost  (1 usage found)
            extensions/MassEditRegex  (1 usage found)
                MassEditRegex.class.php  (1 usage found)
                    MassEditRegex  (1 usage found)
                        editPage  (1 usage found)
                            61$article->doEditContent( $newContent, $this->summary,
            extensions/OfflineImportLexicon  (1 usage found)
                OfflineImportLexicon_body.php  (1 usage found)
                    OfflineImportLexicon  (1 usage found)
                        savePage  (1 usage found)
                            330$status = $article->doEditContent( $articleContent, $summary, $flags, false, $wgUser);
            extensions/SemanticComments/specials/Comment  (1 usage found)
                CE_Comment.php  (1 usage found)
                    CEComment  (1 usage found)
                        createComment  (1 usage found)
                            123$article->doEditContent( $pageContentObject, $summary );
            extensions/SemanticImageAnnotator  (1 usage found)
                SIA_AjaxFunctions.php  (1 usage found)
                    writeAnnotationProperties  (1 usage found)
                        25$newArticle->doEditContent($contentObject, 'Created by Semantic Image Annotator');
            extensions/SocialProfile/UserProfile  (2 usages found)
                SpecialToggleUserPageType.php  (1 usage found)
                    SpecialToggleUserPage  (1 usage found)
                        execute  (1 usage found)
                SpecialUpdateProfile.php  (1 usage found)
                    SpecialUpdateProfile  (1 usage found)
                        execute  (1 usage found)
            extensions/SocialProfile/UserStats  (1 usage found)
                GenerateTopUsersReport.php  (1 usage found)
                    GenerateTopUsersReport  (1 usage found)
                        execute  (1 usage found)
            extensions/SpamDiffTool  (1 usage found)
                SpamDiffTool.body.php  (1 usage found)
                    SpamDiffTool  (1 usage found)
                        execute  (1 usage found)
                            123$status = $a->doEditContent( $content, $summary, $flags );

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Reedy created this task.Jan 19 2017, 2:53 AM
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Change 332936 had a related patch set uploaded (by Reedy):
Mark Article::doEditContent() as deprecated

Change 332936 merged by jenkins-bot:
Mark Article::doEditContent() as deprecated

Reedy moved this task from Unsorted to Migrate / Replace on the Technical-Debt board.
D3r1ck01 closed this task as Resolved.Jan 21 2019, 2:37 PM
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This can be resolved as I do not find this anywhere anymore via CS: apart from a comment in NewUserMessage.class.php and obviously, the history.