Create a tag that excludes all annotations
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Author: joaoolavo

The idea is to have a tag that will ignore every annotations of some text inside the tag.

I've two scenarios that explains the reason of such tag:

  1. I want to include a page into another, but I don't want to include also the annotations. One could use the <noinclude> tag, but it can get fiddly depending on the amount of annotations.
  1. A template t1 which is annotating the parameters
  2. A page p1 which uses the template (must get annotations from the template)
  3. A page p2 which includes p1 (must not have annotations from p1)

<noinclude> won't solve this because it would be used inside t1, but this way p1 won't be annotated.

Creating a new tag, say <ignoresemantics>, will solve this issue.

One decision to be taken is:

  • When there's an alternate text, what would be the behavior? Show the alternate text? For instance: "The population is <noinclude>[[Population::127|</noinclude>about 100-150<noinclude>]]</noinlude>" will result in "The population is about 100-150"

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bzimport created this task.Mar 31 2008, 2:02 PM

info wrote:

Markus, I noticed the "magic" property assignments [[SMW::off] and [[SMW::on]] that smwfParsePropertiesCallback() recognizes that turn $smwgTempStoreAnnotations. These seem to do exactly what Mr. Olavo requires. Let me know if we should document these magic property assignments.

If you want to disable semantic annotations for a template or page you transclude, another way to do it is to use an inline query with format=embedded and just name the page you want to transclude.

The discussion is on the semediawiki-user thread "Importing a page ignoring the annotations".

Actually I consider SMW::on and SMW__off a hack, since they intorduce a state-full behaviour into page parsing, and this is rather unusual in MediaWiki. I would much prefer to have a better solution at some point, and thus I did not document it. But users may of course make use of these switches at their own risk. I will certainly not remove them without having some replacement, so putting the in a template that could later be updated would be okay.

But I would leave this hint on this page -- interested users will find it -- and not put it into the documentation.

Re-assign to extension developer for triage/comments.

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