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log-events topic emitted in EventBus
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This would be similar to revision-create, but for all public logs (e.g. move, delete, block, protect). Private logs (based on $wgLogRestrictions) must not be included.

I see there are some topics like and

I don't think that meets this use case, though (even as a union), since extensions (e.g. Flow) can also define their own log types, which EventBus won't be able to hook into specifically as it's doing now (e.g. with onArticleDeleteComplete -> To be sure to catch all, I think it just needs to listen to the log events directly.

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Hm, interesting. It'd be really helpful to design a schema for log events then. Can extensions emit custom log events in any format, or do they just set some 'log type' field to a custom value?

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There is an interface that maps pretty well to a schema:;f1284cbadae948be64e1136385890dd5df9073df$31 .

getParameters is a catch-all. It's an associative array where extensions can put whatever related data they want (some of which is used to format the human-readable message, some not). It would be a JSON object.

Do we know the approximate rate of events here?

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Don't think this will go anywhere, declining! Feel free to reopen.