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List comparer ought not be "always on top"
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Using AutoWikiBrowser Version SVN 12137 (2016-12-25 12:48:36) ...

I click Tools, List comparer, which brings up the List comparer dialog. This dialog is "always on top" (and cannot be minimized), which is a nuisance because I want to keep it open (ie not close it) but switch to the main window to Start/Save some edits using a list generated by the compare tool (eg the "Common" list) - so I have to manually move the list comparer window out of the way to work on the main window. I don't want to close the list comparer, because I want to switch back to the list comparer later without losing the information in it. (If I close the list comparer then reopen it, it forgets the previous contents.)

There may be some merit in having the list comparer always-on-top, for some use-cases; if that is so, then a user option would allow individual users to choose whether always-on-top is best for them.