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Mobilefrontend doesn't allow raw HTML in toast messages
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As a blocked IP user, on mobilefrontend, the block message is shown as HTML instead of rendered wikitext. This makes it very hard to read, and impossible to click.

blockip.png (592×681 px, 97 KB)

This also causes issues with global IP blocking. The message Globalblocking-ipblocked-range is supposed to show a link to the username but when it's actually shown, it is not parsed, and the square brackets are shown.

Possible options

  1. We update the toast design to permit HTML. The design would need to accommodate for multiple links in a toast.
  2. We replace the toast with a generic "There was a problem with your action" that when clicked shows the message in full in a separate dialog

3)... ?

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The mobile toast currently doesn't allow the display of HTML. It's currently not meant for this purpose (clicking dismisses the toast and the area is too small that link clicking would be hard on a touch device). Exploring the allowing of links and actions s is captured T150189 but in the mean time admins setting up blocked messages might want to reconsider use of HTML with this in mind.

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@Quiddity - given that we currently cannot display HTML, do you think there's any short-term solutions in terms of editors displaying this message?

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After talking to @Nirzar the toast should not be used for RAW html. We'll add new workflows for things like this. The blocked issue is tracked in T165535 and will be fixed as part of that.