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Maintain active user count for Special:Statistics
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On many open wikis, a lot more accounts are registered than are actually used. This can lead to a very large user count on Special:Statistics, which can be confusing or misleading to the casual visitor.

For instance, English Wikipedia currently reports 6,794,875 registered user accounts. While reasonably accurate for what it records, this number is *vastly* inflated compared to the number of *active* user accounts, yet it's the number likely to be found and cited as the "number of Wikipedia users" by bloggers or journalists or curious individuals.

It would be helpful to maintain a running count of "active users", and present this in a more prominent place.

A suggested criterion is edit count; Erik's wikistats apparently provide figures for >5 and >100 edits in a given month.

We can either use a similar running count, or a since-the-beginning total count (which would be easier to maintain, since there's no need to decrement the count if a user has become inactive).

(As recommended by David Gerard on wikitech-l: )

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Assigning count tweaks to Aaron.

(In reply to comment #1)

Assigning count tweaks to Aaron.

So are we going with an edit threshold or current activity?

ayg wrote:

How many edits a user has *ever* made doesn't have to do with whether they're *currently* active, which I think is the more interesting figure. Part of the use of this statistic would be to watch trends in activity, which is spoiled if it doesn't reflect old contributors becoming inactive.

So then the "We can either use a similar running count, or a since-the-beginning total count" could be ignored.

I guess this will be another cached query. Probably should add a stats column.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Although number is shown by using $6, no value seems given for raw output, see

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

P.s.: $4 shows the percentage of sysops, could $7 show percentage of active users?

A workaround is {{FORMATNUM:{{#expr:(100*$6/{{NUMBEROFUSERS:R}})round2}}}} (as long as $6 does not exceed 999)

This was fixed in r40360 already, still not synced

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

(In reply to comment #7)

A workaround is {{FORMATNUM:{{#expr:(100*$6/{{NUMBEROFUSERS:R}})round2}}}} (as
long as $6 does not exceed 999)

No longer possible, see bug 5619#c18