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Apply as an organization to GSoC 2017 (until 2017-02-09 16:00UTC) and Outreachy round 14
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@01tonythomas, @Sumit: Just asking: Interested in being org admins again? Or would you like to take a break? :)

@01tonythomas, @Sumit: Just asking: Interested in being org admins again? Or would you like to take a break? :)

@Aklapper yes, I'm in!

Reached out to 8 past (GSOC/ Outreachy 16) and 4 current outreachy (Round 13) students asking if they would be interested in being org admins for our upcoming rounds!

@01tonythomas, @Sumit: Just asking: Interested in being org admins again? Or would you like to take a break? :)

From our past conversations, I am happy to give way for someone else to explore GSoC administration with Wikimedia for this round. Cordinating 2016 was super amazing and a privelage, thank you everyone for the support.

Update.. Anna Liao, outreachy intern from the current round, is willing to be an admin. I am waiting to hear back from one more person and we'll share soon on how we coordinate.

@srishakatux For the Outreachy application, have you sent an email to (as specified here) or shall I? I created a Round 14 page, based on the Round 13 page.

It seems like that is all there is to it. See Outreachy program info for coordinators. Most of the logistics after that are determining mentors for projects and communication channels for potential applicants. From what I can tell, it is not necessary to write an application as an organization for Outreachy. However, we need to add tasks available, and relevant skills, including specific programming languages and technologies to this landing page. @Sumit: what is the process for assembling suitable projects and mentors?

Items we need to agree on:

    • Communication channel: include an IRC channel, a mailing list, and/or any other communication channel your organization wants to use for the program where one can ask general questions about your project. Personally, I have been using gitter with my mentors which works well, and it is completely viewable to the public (seems like it aligns with how Wikimedia operates). In addition, my mentor suggested it because there is a mobile platform. I have also liked using slack for project coordination.
  • start a list of participating projects and mentors or link to the organization-wide list if you have one. Make sure IRC, e-mail, or other contact information for all the mentors is available
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(We need a GSoC project umbrella.)

There is also Outreach-Programs-Projects that covers the outreach programs for summer 2017 (GSoC, Outreachy, Rails Girls Summer of Code)

I would like to add a Round-14 under the Outreachy umbrella, but I don't have the privilege to add milestones or subprojects. (Similar to the Round-13 workboard. This workboard will be for the Round-14 landing page.

@Miriya52 @Sumit this is going to be long... pardon me :P

Application Forms
Just shared the GSOC application w/ you two. If you could take a look, and give some feedback here that would be great! Anna, you are right, we don't need one for Outreachy, but we need to inform them. So, once our landing page is finalized, you could reach out to them perhaps by the end of the day tomorrow?

I've set up the Outreach-Programs-Projects board, the idea of which would be to only show featured projects for GSOC/ Outreachy. I've also created projects: #google-summer-of-code-2017 and zzzz.

Landing page
About communication channel, I will look into it in next couple of days or so (this can wait for a few more days). About contact, I would suggest adding a 'Contact' section on Outreachy landing page, that could contain info about our IRC channel #wikimedia-devrel and mailing list for asking any specific questions from the community. I am going to do the same for GSOC page.

We should consider adding a section 'Project Ideas' on both GSOC/ Outreachy page that should contain link to our Outreach-Programs-Projects board and Possible-Tech-Projects for now (as we don't have projects to showcase). And, maybe say that list of ideas coming soon! When we have projects, it would be nice to add projects summaries, to get students a brief overview of the available projects before redirecting them to our workboards.

Recruiting mentors

  • Take a look at Possible-Tech-Projects Ping subscribers and ask if they would be interested in mentoring tasks for either Outreachy/ GSOC @Miriya52 do you want to start work on that?
  • I will be sending an email to wikitech-I later today for recruiting mentors
  • About recruiting tasks from the Community Wishlist, I will be taking this up
  • About recruiting tasks from Developer Wishlist, I'm not sure if we should touch the list before we announce the survey results. @Qgil and @Tgr do you have any thoughts on that?

Side note: While recruiting mentors, we might want to ask them to add a #Google-Summer-of-Code-2017/zzzz and Outreach-Programs-Projects tag to the projects they will mentor!

  • About recruiting tasks from Developer Wishlist, I'm not sure if we should touch the list before we announce the survey results. @Qgil and @Tgr do you have any thoughts on that?

Yeah, probably not. This does not need to happen before the deadline, right?

@Tgr yeah! I agree with you, let's not touch the developer wishlist until voting ends! But, we need mentors and projects for GSOC/ Outreachy like real soon, now :P

About boards, in fact...

  • Outreachy should be a new milestone under Outreachy.
  • For consistency, we should create a #Coogle-Summer-of-Code project umbrella and then a 2017 milestone.

If you have questions, please ask.

@srishakatux Added the contact info and additional workboard reference to the Outreachy Round 14 landing page. Also, GSoC application looks good to me.

We've notified Sarah from Outreachy and shared the link to our landing page and our GSOC application is complete and submitted too! We've modified our landing pages:

YAY! high five @Miriya52! :) we did it on time, now let's keep our fingers crossed and help recruit some interesting projects and mentors :)

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Thanks everybody for your efforts!
As the deadlines have passed, can this task be considered fixed? If yes, feel free to set "Change Status... > Resolved" from the "Add Action..." dropdown. :)