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Develop plan for dealing with numerous second-try searches, aka "So Many Search Options"
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We've been working on plans to deal with "so many search options", i.e., the large number of current and potential second-try searches: "did you mean" suggestions and rewrites, interwiki search, language ID + cross-wiki search, quote stripping, wrong keyboard detection, etc.

I've got a wiki page going with background and current best plan: So Many Search Options.

I've been updating it after meetings and working through details. I've been trying not to let it take up too much time, but after a couple of half to full days spent on it, I'm creating the phab ticket I should have created a while back.

While full implementation doesn't need to happen now (just before we deploy any more second-try searches), getting the design done is important, especially as it relates to the API. We want to get that hammered out and share with the Mobile team as soon as possible so that we don't end up with a widely-used API we want to restructure.

Also called: second try search, second try searching, second chance search, second chance searching. (Added for easier finding later.)

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TJones renamed this task from Develop plan for dealing with numerous second-try searched, aka "So Many Search Options" to Develop plan for dealing with numerous second-try searches, aka "So Many Search Options".Jan 24 2017, 6:10 PM

I've setup a meeting with the Search team later on this week to go over our options and then we'll meet with the Mobile team(s) to discuss their needs for the API.

I've moved the current page of notes here:

And I've incorporated notes from our Monday discussion on showing results.

I'm working on an email to send out soon - with lots of help! :)

@debt please add mw to the meetings to discuss the API requirements

debt removed debt as the assignee of this task.Mar 7 2017, 6:15 PM

Moving to backlog for now, until we get more time to work on it.

Deskana triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 16 2017, 10:19 PM

Moving to the backlog board for now - we want to get this done before we start adding in a bunch more things, but other issues have priority now.

I've constructed an example query that on English Wikipedia, as of today, generates a Did You Mean spelling suggestion, gets sister wiki results, gets one local EN WP result, and gets lots of cross-wiki results from German Wikipedia: max planck wissenschaftliche sich night

Screenshot attached:

all the search results.png (551×871 px, 153 KB)

Obviously, the more options there are, the harder it gets to find an example that exercises them all, but it is definitely possible to do so.

A one-word query that gets everything but the spelling correction is Puppenspielerin.

2019 EDIT: The query above no longer includes cross-wiki results, but this slight modification does: max planck wissenschaftliche sich nichts

wow, that page is certainly scary looking and confusing. Trying hard to give results, but the combination is just too much.

@debt: While this is something we need to look at eventually, I think we could move it from "Up Next" to "Later". Until we have a new second-try search that needs to fit on the results page and a front-end/UI person with time to think about it, we probably aren't going to be motivated to do anything more on this.

Unfortunate, but I agree with you, @TJones, this ticket is now moved.