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Add a spellchecker
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Would you be able to incorporate a spellchecking utility to underline misspelled text inside the edit box? It is somewhat tiresome to have to copy each and every article into an external text editor to check grammar. Greatly appreciated!

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I have, and on the English Wikipedia it works flawlessly, however, when you use AWB for projects in other languages, it would be very useful to have a spellchecker.

You can create similar typo lists for other languages...

Are we using the notepad ++ API for things like the Module builder, the Find and replace features and the like? Because if we are, then notepad ++ has a ton of functionality in it we could be using to do things like a spellchecker and a code line count on the module builder. I don't know what we are using to do those things, I only offer that as a suggestion.