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Add wikispecies into inter-wiki search indexes
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We currently have an instance on Labs that is working for the sister project search results, but we're missing results returned from Wikispecies.

Can we get Wikispecies results added in, please?

In regards to our upcoming A/B test (T149806), Wikispecies doesn't need to be a part of this test for now, since it'll be extra work.

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Sure I think we can.
What's the plan for production usage, will we add wikispecies only for enwiki?
We currently have 2 ways to configure interwiki search

We use the manual method on but we plan to use the automatic method for production. Depending on what we want to do in production we may need to adapt the backend to support this "exception".

There are complexities to including it since it's a special kind of project that doesn't have a language, but as @debt notes it's definitely worth doing.

debt lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Mar 21 2017, 5:30 PM
debt edited projects, added Discovery-Search; removed Discovery-Search (Current work).

Moving this to the backlog board - we're not sure of the actual need for this project being added to the sister project search results. The project doesn't seem to be used that much.

Based on community RfC and feedback, we'll decline adding wikispecies to the sister project snippets.