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Identify baseline api.php Action API consumption
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During the FY 2016-2017 check-in for the Q2/Q3 boundary, the question arose about number of hits for the Action API for ORES. Hive query and result to be posted on this task shortly.

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From 2017-01-17 - 2017-01-23 it looks like there were about 620K Action API hits involving the soft launched oresscores and oresreview enhancements (n.b., there was a status update in as work was underway).

$ hive --database=wmf
select count(1) from
webrequest tablesample (bucket 1 out of 10000 on rand())
where year = 2017
and month = 1
and day > 16 and day < 24
and uri_path = '/w/api.php'
and (uri_query like '%oresscores%' or uri_query like '%oresreview%');


There is also meta=ores although I guess that's not too interesting.

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