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FOUC: Watch star shows late on mobile
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When loading a page on mobile (tested on in Chrome) the watch star consistently shows up a second or two after the rest.

I can reproduce this both on tablet mode (in desktop Chrome) and mobile mode (iPhone).

It seems the ca-watch element does exist in the default HTML, but unlike the ca-edit element, it doesn't render anything until the JavaScript comes along to add another stylesheet and also makes various changes to the element (swaps the empty <a></a> for a <button>, and various class name changes).

This element should render properly by default. It already has a regular link fallback (pointing to index.php?action=watch), but this is broken right now since the <a> has no content. It should presumably use the same icon throughout so that no visual change occurs.

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We should separate the non-js support from the delay. priority wise, the delay is very prominent. We can show a fake star till the actual state loads. or actually fix the delay. If i'm not wrong, there are already tickets for non-js usage of watchlist.