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[DO NOT USE] Things that could use the title rewrite (tracking)
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This is a tracking bug for bugs which depend on the proposed and in development title rewrite.

The proposed changes/ideas as a extremely shortened list:

  • Pair the page_title with a page_real so that something like [[_main_Page]] has "_main_Page" stored and used for display instead of "Main Page". While these two pages still do mean the same thing.
    • This is accompanied by a user name rewrite as it is required to prevent major bugs caused by the new output of getText();
  • Do all normalization of titles inside of a special TitleNormalizer class, and break it up to allow for extension of the normalizer to alter steps and change the way titles are normalized.
  • Convert the DISPLAYTITLE hack into a special extra class system. One which is not a big hack and allows for extension of a Display Title by extensions as well as extension of the DISPLAYTITLE parser function itself.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Oops, I made a typo in my bug number.

This old "tracking task" does not track anything nowadays. Closing.

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