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Which bot account to use?
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We've already got COHBot, that's used for the batch upload project. It could also be used for the WLM migration, or a dedicated bot account could be created instead.

  • Once a conclusion has been reached the decision should be documented on <WMSE wiki page to be created>

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Investigate if there is a Wikidata or Commons policy preventing the shared ownership of a bot depending on the project.

There's no formal rule preventing shared ownership of a bot, but sticking to one operator per bot will make it much easier to conform to the existing bot guidelines:

  • Bot accounts are generally named after either their operator or their function → Something like WLMBot would be most appropriate, considering the main task of the bot on Wikidata
  • The contributions of a bot account remain the responsibility of its operator, who should be identified on its user page → This is the most important thing. It's up to the operator to keep an eye on the bot in order to be able to react to any improper edits. With more than one person in charge, there's a risk this task will not be done properly by anyone.
  • For the same reason, listing several operators on the bot's user page might confuse those who want to ask questions/make remarks about the bot's contributions. It also introduces the risk that the feedback will not reach the most appropriate person, depending on how the operators divide the tasks among themselves.

Having said that, while it's best to have just one responsible operator per bot and project, it does not imply that COHBot cannot be used on both Commons and Wikidata. It has to be approved separately for every project/task anyway. However, if there's more than one responsible operator -- say @Mattias_Ostmar-WMSE on Commons and me on Wikidata -- I'm stronly in favor of using separate accounts in order to make it easier for both us and the community (so that one of us doesn't get a cross-wiki notification when the bot is mentioned on the 'wrong' project, for example).

If so I would suggest setting up a bot account named something like AliciaFagervingWMSE-bot and then use the #KÖK or #COH hashtag in each summary. Similarly once Mattias needs a bot for non COH related uploads we could set up MattiasOstmarWMSE-bot. If we have bots that are always running in the background (such as for Fikarummet) then I would argue a separate bot account might still be desirable.

The benefits as I see them is that they clearly identify bot the user and the affiliation. It's separate from a private bot account which is useful if someone wants to get in contact but the person no longer works for WMSE or simply to make a clear distinction of paid to volunteer edits.

If someone else at WMSE does e.g. one batch upload then it's easy to handle without having to share passwords or similar (assuming password/username is never hardcoded) and it's transparent whom to contact if you have questions.

The tasks/projects its involved in can be described on the discussion page.

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Adding @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE since it makes sense to do this the same way throughout WMSE.

Another argument for separate bot accounts could perhaps be that it would be easier to extract the amounts of bytes added to the projects? This is relevant as WMF include bytes added to Wikidata in the Global Metrics reporting that we do, but bytes added to Wikimedia Commons are not included.

OK unless anyone objects I suggest the following conclusion:

Default bot account (for WMSE work):

  • Name: FörnamnEfternamnWMSE-bot
  • The (WMSE) user account should mention that work is done using that bot(ideally on the meta page)
  • Bot runs are annotated with an appropriate hashtag (or hashtags?) so that statistics can be extracted afterwards

Bots which are excluded from the default are:

  • Any continuously running/overwatching bots (e.g. FikarummetBot, ÖdokBot).
    • These should be given a functional name (or project related name).
  • Pre-existing currently running bots (e.g. COHBot, LSHuploadBot)
    • Primarily since these are already established and have already been awarded flags for their specific tasks.
    • This does not include bots which are currently running under a private bot ( e.g. Joppebot ), WMSE tasks running on these should be migrated.

All bots:

  • Should be listed in a suitable place on our wiki.
  • Should be authenticated using BotPasswords or OAuth

Could @Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE @Mattias_Ostmar-WMSE @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE @Jopparn please indicate (using thumb up down token and/or comment) if you agree with the conclusion/decision?

I suggest that we add the information on the page Bot-konton on WMSE's wiki.