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Make search results filterable (or sortable) by date
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The current search results on Wikimedia projects allow you to search by namespace, but no other filtering or sorting options are available. One request is to make it possible to sort the results of a query by date.

A basic version would have an option in the UI to return results by date. The most recently edited page appear at the top of the results, ignoring (or greatly diminishing) any other page boosts or ranking.

Perhaps by using the "Prefer-recent" feature in CirrusSearch somehow? "prefer-recent:1,1" might work for most resently edited pages by day.

A more advanced version would allow searchers to provide a time frame (by days perhaps) in which pages only matching that window of time would appear. For example a searcher could input a start and end date and the search engine would only return results that were edited within that window of time.

See examples from

filter.png (482×808 px, 97 KB)

date-range.png (317×478 px, 57 KB)

Discussed on the English Wikipedia Village Pump (technical) here:

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This is an example of a feature which could significantly degrade the experience for readers; see the example I gave three years ago in T40403#477014. This feature is highly useful for editors as part of a workflow management tool. This creates a tension where there is a useful feature that we want to be available to people, but also not exposed so clearly that it can allow readers to degrade their experience.

That feature from Google is interesting; it doesn't sort strictly by date as users request, but instead works similarly to our prefer-recent functionality (see screenshot below, where the results are still ordered according to relevance in the time period). It's also somewhat buried, with you having to click on the advanced search button and choose some configuration, likely to balance the concerns I listed above.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 08.29.16.png (1×1 px, 358 KB)

Wow, I didn't notice that! Thanks for pointing it out. That was so buried I didn't even notice it, and actually found a pretty bad UI bug when I used it. I guess that tells you something about how often it's used...

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.28.44.png (518×1 px, 108 KB)

I think this task should be marked as a duplicate of T40403: Sortable search results.